Innovative Desert: Review of Roberto Vales
Roberto Vales in the Spanish radioprogram Ultima Fronteira , 15-10-2009

Innovative Desert: Review of Henrik Hjarnø
Melodic paint by Jox on new Rey album

Hidden Vibrations: Review of Michael Heuman
Michael Heuman, Haunted Ink, 3-7-2000

If Steve Roach constructs his themes from the center of the earth with help from...

Hidden Vibrations: Review of Lothar Lubitz
Lothar Lubitz, KLEM , 19-5-2000

Hidden Vibrations: Review of European Progresive Rock Reviews
The musician Rey comes from Denmark and what a corker of a debut album...

Hidden Vibrations: Review of Sven Cipido
Rey makes on an original and sometimes experimental way, sound out of nature and...

Hidden Vibrations: Review of Andy Garibaldi
Andy Garibaldi,CD Services, Dundee , 20-1-2000

Hidden Vibrations : Review of Cue Record
November 1999 in the magazine : Ergänzungen zu Newsbits

The press about Rey´s interpretations and compositions
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